Thursday, July 11, 2013

Not crazy yet!

I haven't gone crazy yet!
I almost thought I would talking to our satellite server today.
Why do they make a simple move so complicated!

They moved up our closing date by a week.

The official move is next Thursday!

I have been busy posting things on line to sell.

And the stuff is selling like hotcakes!

My parents have been here the last 2 days helping me tag items for a huge moving sale Friday and Saturday.

I am not selling my bakers cabinet!

The computer room is full of Christmas items.
Don't worry I have stockpiles of  more!

The person buying our house wants the washer and dryer.
I am hoping to make enough at our sale to purchase a new pair.

I hope I don't have to much left over to box up and move!

The puppies are confused with all of the moving things around.
They will be so happy when the can run at the farm

All in all things are going smooth, 
fingers crossed they continue that way! 

Be back in a week or so!



  1. Wow, things are moving along quickly! Don't forget to take a deep breath occasionally and relax! :)

  2. WOW!!! Things sound like they are moving fast!!! Good luck with everything lady!!! Cant wait to see pictures!!!

  3. Sounds like a hectic time for you right now! Good luck getting everything done in time. It's great that your items for sale are selling so well!

  4. Hope everything goes smoothly and that you sell everything that you want too.

    I bet the puppies will really love the freedom of the farm. They are some lucky dogs!

  5. Hope all goes well with the move and Congrats on it all.