Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Things on a Tuesday

Today we had an appointment at the farmhouse to meet the Dish guy. We have a receiver that we carry with us in the camper, but we don't need it anymore with the new camper. So we decided to install it at the farm. The pipeliner isn't happy without a tv to watch!
 The tech guy said he would be there after lunch.
With some time to waste I thought I would take some pics of our kitchen. It is actually clean! No paint trays being washed out in the sink! No saw horses set up for cutting trim.

First pics are of the great stove my aunt gave us from her farmhouse.
It fits like it was made just for this spot!
I bought the trays on top of the stove at an estate sale over the summer.
I think the people who lived here before built the cabinets. They are definetly one of a kind.
We put in new, energy efficeint windows when the house was resided.
I haven't decided yet what to do for window treatments.
I just have a hard time covering up this view!
For now the kitchen will stay just like it is. Maybe sometime down the road we will remodel. But it makes me happy just like this!
The Dish guy was there on time. He did a great job getting everything installed. And that makes for a very happy pipeliner! 


  1. The view is just stunning! And the stove is out of this world cool! Seriously LOVE it!!!! Looking good lady!

  2. What a sunny, cheerful kitchen! I love it just like that too. I think it would be hard to cover up that view and sunshine. Of course I LOVE your pyrex too!
    Thanks for sharing Liz!
    Erica :)

  3. Oh, I wish I had windowsills.....

  4. Just put a valance at the top of your windows. You want to enjoy that view. That's what's so great about country life!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  5. The stove is awesome and perfect for a farmhouse! Is that a "Charles Chips" can I see? Your view from the kitchen sink is perfect.

  6. Love your kitchen. Not sure I'd do anything to the windows. I haven't in my kitchen. But if anything it wouldn't be more than a valance.

  7. Love your farmhouse kitchen and what a great stove! Enjoying your blog! xx

  8. Love that stove! Is it from the 60's do you think? Hope you have had a great winter. When do you go back out on the road?

  9. I took the curtains down in my kitchen to let in more light and I love it. Don't know how I'd go back to covering up the outside view and all the additional light it lets in. I think your window looks just lovely as it is, curtains do have a way of softening up a room.