Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moving Along!

Things at the farm have been moving right along. The shingles and dumpster were delivered on Friday. I thought the roofers were supposed to come this Monday, but I guess they wont be there until sometime this weekend.

The weed pulling finally got me!  A bad case of posion ivy, with a trip to the doctor. Ended up with it on my arms, legs, thighs and stomach!  Ouchy & itchy!
Posion Ivy on the Leg

One of the things we decided to do was get rid of the old, front porch. The poor thing had seen better days.
Only a couple of cinder blocks held up the floor. It was tearing away from the house, and the roof was sagging.  The guys doing the roof and siding quoted us $500.00 to tear the thing off. But we figured we could save some money and do it ourselves.

The bottom section came off fairly easy. Found lots of hibernating beetles and lady bugs. The roof was full of mud dobber nests.
 As we were working on it a van pulled in front of the house. It was an elderly couple that had lived across the road in another farmhouse. They actually went to my church when I was little. They  had heard from another neighbor that we had purchased the farm house and buildings.  The lady, Doris, told me she had spent many hours on that front porch. She had enjoyed coffee with the lady that lived there. They had traded recipes, snapped many a green bean, and watched for their farmer husbands in the field. Kinda made me a little sad to get rid of the porch then!

Notice the golf cart loaded with siding? The hubby felt bad for me. I had been using the wheelbarrel to haul off the garbage, but it was hard pushing the thing around. My jeans were rubbing the poison ivy on my legs. He got out the golf cart for me to drive. Nice guy huh?

This weekend we will try to tear off the porch roof. Not sure how that will work out, but I will have pictures!

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